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  • Starting Mon, Jun 13: Mondays & Thursdays from 5pm-7pm PST, Sundays on 12pm-4pm PST
  • Starting Mon, Jul 25: Mondays & Thursdays from 3pm-5pm PST, Sundays on 7am-11am PST



I’m Kevin, Your Instructor

Hi, I'm Kevin! I had no prior experience in mortgage and real estate before becoming a mortgage loan officer in 2015. Since then, I've grown to becoming a top producing mortgage loan officer and now a branch manager. This has given me great financial stability and now, I want to share my skills and experience with you so you too can excel financially.

I founded Transcend School with the ultimate goal of becoming a top training program for skilled professionals to transition into the mortgage space and have the opportunity to make more money and enjoy a more fulfilling career.

We train you through our world-class curriculum

Our fully remote 3-month training program is the most thorough, practical, and fun program out there! By the time you graduate, you will be licensed and have the skills needed to become a top performer. Here's what you will learn:


  • 1-5

    Getting NMLS Ready

    We teach you everything you need to know to ace the NMLS SAFE Exam, the first step to becoming a loan officer.

  • 6-12

    Building Partnerships

    We'll teach you how to self-generate business by connecting with realtors so that you are not dependent on buying leads and are not affected by market swings.

  • 6-7

    Understanding Loan Programs

    We help you understand the different loan programs you'll be selling to your clients on the job you'll use everday on the job.


  • 7-8

    Personal Brand

    We'll show you how to think about your personal brand and leverage it to deepen connections with realtors and clients, both digitally and in person.

  • 8-10

    Honing Your Mortgage Sales Skills

    You'll learn how to work with clients by building trust with them, controlling the conversation and overcoming common objections.

  • 11-12

    Putting a Loan Together

    You'll learn about the full loan process and dive deep into each of the individual steps of the process (credit, disclosures, appraisals and more!). You'll also have the option to shadow an experienced loan officer daily so you can see what they do in practice and learn!

And then fast-track your career as a loan officer!

We know that finding and succeeding in a job are stressful. We want to remove that burden from you completely. Here's how we will help:

Job Placement

Upon getting licensed, we'll introduce you to our network of hiring partners that pay competitively. They'll continue to provide guidance and training to help you on the job! If you want to work elsewhere, we will help you search and improve your resume.

Lifetime Access

You'll have lifetime access to our course content and class recordings, as well as our community of peers, mentors, and instructors who can help you along the way. You will also be invited to all Transcend events in the future (guest speakers, shadowings, trainings, etc...) for free.

Office Hours

You'll have the opportunity to attend office hours on a weekly basis. This will help you improve your weaknesses faster and level up your production as a loan officer.


How much does Transcend School cost?

We have two options for tuition:

$1999 All Upfront

You pay $1,999 upfront. We'll cover your NMLS SAFE testing fees and pre-education requirements (national and state).

$749 Installments

You pay 3 installments of $749 each month of the program. We'll cover your NMLS SAFE testing fees and pre-education requirements (national and state).

Check out what our students have to say about Transcend!

"The program is great! I’ve learned so much. The material is well thought out and extremely informative. The pace of the program is awesome. I highly recommend this MLO course if you are serious about wanting to be the best, educated and informative MLO."
Deirdre C.
"I am a Licensed Insurance Broker who wanted to ultimately become a Mortgage Originator. Classes are easy to follow along with and they have a flawless system to go back and rewatch class sessions or slides. I have learned so much in 7 weeks. We have had the opportunity to meet and see guest speakers with great impact on the industry. I am excited to jump into the mortgage lending world and feel confident in doing so. If you have been thinking about taking the leap but didn’t know where to start, I recommend Transcend School for MLO. This has been a life changing experience."
Tina D.
"This class is great! I have learned so much! Kevin and Transcend truly care about your success! The value is unbelievable!"
Charisse Y.
"The great thing about Transcend is all of the info is always available even after class. This is a great way to help pass the test, but also understand what pertains to the job. It's a great school, I recommend it for anybody."
Chris H.

Who Should Apply to Transcend?

Transcend is for people who are genuinely interested in working in the mortgage space and are motivated to increase their income and work-life balance significantly. This is a career you can do remotely and easily make above six figures in your first year. You can work part-time while enrolling in Transcend. If you are in school, we require that you are on you last semester.


Why Transcend?

There are several training options out there, but we belive Transcend is the most convenient and will set you up for the most long-term success. Here's why:

All in One Place

You'll be able to pass licensing exams, learn practical skills, and get a job all in one-go without having to do it on your own.

Easy Life Fit

Our program is fully remote and part-time. Classes are held on Zoom on weekday evenings and weekends so there's no need to quit your job or drastically shuffle your life. Students are expected to commit 10-12 hours a week.

Connected Community

Even after you're hired, you'll be connected with the Transcend community for life. You can always ask questions and get help, and learn how to progerss your career.



What is a Mortgage Loan Officer (MLO)?
An MLO is an individual that helps a prospective borrower get the right mortgage for a real estate transaction (i.e. mortgage, refinance). The MLO is the original lender for the mortgage and works with the borrower from application and approval through the closing process. Other names for this job are "mortgage broker" and "mortage loan originator".
How do MLOs make money?
MLOs can be salaried, a combination of salary and commission, or commission-only. To earn the highest income, commission-only is typically the way to go. Our employer partners are mostly all commission-only and pay 1-2% of a loan amount. With a salaried job, you may only make 0.2-0.5% of a loan amount. Considering an average home loan amount, originating 1 loan will net you around $3,000 in commission. We believe our training and coaching will help get you to originating 2-3 loans a month, and exceed that going forward.
How do MLOs file taxes?
MLOs can W-2 or 1099. Typically, being 1099 will get you more tax advantages, but this hinges on your employer. We have partner employers that offer both, or just one.
Do I have to take a job with a Transcend employer partner?
Nope! You have the full discretion to reject any job offer that you get through our partner employers and look elsewhere.
What happens if I don’t get a job with a Transcend employer partner?
We'll try our best to make sure you get matched. In the unlikely case that it doesn't happen, we will help you apply/refer you to open jobs and guide you throughout the interview process until you land a job.

Contact Details

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